The first thing I always tell my clients is that I am not a wedding photographer, but rather I am a photographer attending your wedding. From start to finish I see your special day as an opportunity to make a work of art. I place an emphasis on personal connection because I may be your photographer but I am also your friend. I once found myself steaming a wedding dress 10 minutes prior to the ceremony!

If there is one (hyphenated) word to describe my business philosophy it would be happy-go-lucky. Unlike other vendors, you have to spend every moment of your day with your photographer.

I make it a point to keep everyone comfortable and smiling no matter what. I also deem myself the peoplest of people's persons. I utilize an editorial/documentary style that captures you and your guests as you really are. You will notice in all of my galleries that the magic is in the genuine smile ... Probably because I told a bad joke.

When I am not photographing weddings I work as an editorial travel and portrait photographer. My work has been published in National Geographic, The New York Times, WIRED, American Photo, and dozens of other publications. You can visit my other website or follow my Instagram to get a closer look at my life and work.

Below you will find a few images from my daily life! From left to right: 

• Family at Christmas with so many dogs 

• That time I borrowed a bride's fabulous parasol 

• Dancing around with my friend Tommy at my favorite place (Coney Island) 

• And finally... my ultimate frisbee team in Prospect Park with absolutely no Photoshop.

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